icecreamvanman : statement of intent

 To become icecreamvanman William Alexander has designed and built his own icecreamvan from cardboard. It is powered by the artist from within, to make interventions into the spectacle of the everyday. By serving freshly made artist multiples from the van, icecreamvanman spreads a joy filled art viewing and buying experience.

The buyer pays to witness the performance of it being served, for the memory of receiving and for a live object to take home. The freshly made ice cream sculpture is not edible but it is remarkably tempting, hence creating a paradox for the viewer/consumer. Though it cannot be tasted it can also never be finished.

The design of the van is based on a 1960s model. Production of the van has taken an essentially Fordist object which itself has been modified once to turn it from motor car to ice cream van and taken it back a further step towards the handcraft of pre-Fordist production. This piece explores our small pleasures and disappointments, it is art about the art object in everyday life.