My Mind Is All I Have, I Spent My Whole Life Trying To Fill IT was a collaborative project which explored the political and cartoon landscape of the 1980s. The title of the show is a line spoken by Doctor Zarkof, when faced with Ming's mind erasure machine in Mike Hodge's 'Flash Gorden'.



View of show: featuring in the background, Alien Landscape (acrylic paint on wall) by William Alexander and Katherine Tolliday

Rocket Ship (exercise bike, pallets, cardboard tubes, dustbins,l ights) by Greg Cox William Alexander, and Liam Scully

The Uss Ronald Regan (polystyrene) Thatcher Tank (polystyrene) William Alexander

Ming's Shag Pile (carpet) Vanessa Scully 

The Uss Ronald Regan and Thatcher Tank

Rocket Boosters and Alien Landscape