War in Iraq series : painted with Liam Scully : installed with Dino Webb




Departure Gallery : October 2010


Landslip                                  Pink Blob                                   Something about psychology

all oil on canvas


The formation of Niagra Falls part II and III, oil and acryrilic on board




Nearly Dry 

Total Kunst Gallery : October/November 2010




Jack in the Green : acrylic on board




Unfair Battles No1 oil on canvas on board

 Comments: "These paintings rock balls! It's like a naked party on my eyes!" Reilly

"We really liked the battle pic, it really reminds us of the Polish and Germans in WW2. My brother is very keen on war history and this interested him very much." Johana and family

"Very thoughtful. I get tired with exhibitions that are curated, and in a sense are telling me what I should think. Your paintings combine your own thoughts with what I presume to be your ideological beliefs." Brian Gervish

"I like how each side of the battle emerges from a path coming down from heaven. Supposedly God-given... are the paths to meet somewhere in those clouds? Or do seperate cabvases imply seperate skys? Nikita





Double Trouble

Model Gardeners : London 

Saturday June 19th 6pm   





New York AAF and Street Performance 

May 5th - 9th 7 : West 34th Street






Cluster 26:11:09 6 pm after open 9-5






In a State of Repair,

To and For Rooms 

Archway Tube 

August 2009






After a brief but succesful show at the Tate Modern, Icecreamvanman takes a 10 day sojourn in Crouch End at Jealous Gallery.