From Normandy to The Royal Academy

In Reinventing the Wheel, Alexander has made an object that sits comfortably in the gallery and works as pure sculpture. This is unlike his other cardboard works Icecreamvanman 2008 and Gondola 2016, which operate also as performance vehicles from within which the artist interacts with the viewer.


At Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London,England 2016


If an ice cream van is an everyday spectacle of the English urban environment, then a tractor has a similar role in the countryside. The tractor has great character and great purpose. The vision of the large looming tyre as part of an ominous narrative was inspired by a visit to Normandy in 2011, where Alexander was drawn to undulating, triangular, black, plastic prisms, glistening amongst the green fields. Like a manifestation of the kind of paintings he was making, where the painter placed an artificial or invented form on an existing scene. With Reinventing the Wheel there is no scene, only the invented form.



 At Bouillons Kub, Normandy, France 2014


The tyre is the part of the tractor which sets it apart from other vehicles allowing it to travel through heavy muddy fields, to see it celebrated in a material that would last no time at all in wet mud, yet seems to have the structure and almost inflated quality of a real tyre, gives the mind a durable riddle. When laid flat the object reminds some of a particle accelerator. This art work relies heavily on Apollonian craft, characterised by planning and control. The finished work is like an offering to this Greek god.

 Will Alexander 2016


 At Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London,England 2016